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Apod Vision FAQ

If you have a problem or question, please do not hesitate to contact APODVISION.
  1. What are the input formats supported?
    The input formats currently supported are: SDFILE and line input.

  2. Is it possible to analyze large number of compounds at once?
    Yes, it is possible to analyze more than one compound at a time using a SDfile. In fact, thousands of compounds can be analyzed in a batch mode.

  3. Do I need to download a program to analyse the compounds?
    No, you can start analyzing your compounds directly using a Java supported browser such as Internet Explorer.

  4. From where do I download Java?
    Free Java Download

  5. Is Java working on my computer?
    Test here

  6. How to enable Java in various browsers?
    Enable help is here

  7. What is the best way to contact regarding A-POD?
    Please use the feedback form here.

  8. How should A-POD be cited?
    The APOD should be referenced with the URL http://apodvision.com and the following citation:
    Chaitanya N. Hiremath (2007) Abbreviated Profile of Drugs (A-POD): A unique numerical and graphical representation for compound properties and its use in ADMET prediction, IJIB, 1(1), 44-50.

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