APODvision is a life science technology company and its mission is to help pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as well as academic institutions with decision making and prediction of effective therapeutic drugs that accelerate the pace of small molecule drug discovery.


Dr. Chaitanya Hiremath
Founder, President & CEO

Dr. Chaitanya Hiremath is a distinguished drug discovery scientist, educator, advisor, mentor, reviewer, founder, and inventor, specializing in Bioinformatics and Cheminformatics. He has a Master's degree in Solid State Physics and a PhD in Molecular Biophysics. He was awarded the Gold Medal in Physics and the State Award in Science among others. He was a senior fellow at Harvard Medical School and a visiting scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Hiremath has a world-class academic, teaching, and biotechnology industry experience. As a former associate-professor of bioinformatics, apart from research, mentoring, and teaching, he has served as a Chief-Coordinator of Bioinformatics Program at a national level, managing all aspects of this program across five centers. He has published over fifteen research publications in international journals. His patented APOD methodology for drug discovery has proved beneficial in the prioritization analysis of safety profiles of COVID-19 drugs. His science education, open-access peer-reviewed paper on the BIIG problem-solving method that he developed to enhance the students' learning experience in science has over 17000 downloads worldwide. Dr. Hiremath has been granted a patent for the design of the World Flag based on the scientific tree of life. He has given several invited talks at International conferences and meetings including the United Nations. With a common vision of integration and unification, he is passionate about advancing science (APOD), education (BIIG), and our planet (SEALOEarth).

Selected Publications