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Introducing the APOD Method - Ensuring Safer Drug Delivery


At APODvision, we are committed to revolutionizing the field of drug discovery and safety assessment. Our proprietary APOD method offers a cutting-edge screening tool for the rapid evaluation of drug safety. Similar to ensuring a package is safely delivered to its destination, our mission is to guarantee the safe delivery of drugs to their intended disease targets.

Why Drug Safety Matters

Imagine ordering a package and receiving it damaged or delivered to the wrong address. That's exactly why drug safety is of paramount importance. Ensuring that the right drug reaches the right target in a safe and effective manner can make all the difference in patients' lives. At APODvision, we take this responsibility seriously, empowering pharmaceutical researchers and developers with invaluable tools to achieve safer and more targeted drug delivery.

Apod Vision

The APOD Vision

Our vision at APODvision is clear: to pave the way for a future where drug safety is never compromised. Just like you expect your package to arrive on time and in pristine condition, we strive to ensure drugs are delivered with precision and efficiency. By understanding the unique needs of each disease target, we make it our mission to guarantee that every patient "receives" the full benefit of the drugs they need.

Unlocking the APOD Approach

Central to our groundbreaking APOD method is a mathematical model that leverages a drug's chemical properties to predict its pharmacokinetic behavior. Through this innovative approach, we standardize all properties on a scale from 0 to 9, allowing for direct and meaningful comparisons. This uniform representation empowers researchers to gain invaluable insights into drug behavior and potential safety risks.

The APOD Fingerprint

Our numerical APOD (N-APOD) fingerprint encapsulates all the essential information regarding a drug. This comprehensive representation includes chemical properties (WRGLS), biological properties (B), and pharmacokinetic properties (ADMET). The N-APOD code is like a unique identity for each drug, facilitating easy reference and comparison across various datasets.

The Power of APOD Insights

The APOD method goes beyond simplicity. Our innovative APOD score presents a powerful pair of values that reveal the benefit and risk presented by a drug. Armed with this information, researchers can quickly determine a drug's suitability as a therapeutic option. Strong, moderate, or weak drug safety profiles are classified based on the APOD scores, providing valuable guidance in the drug development journey.

Empower Yourself with APOD Score - Your Metric for Informed Medication Decisions

As consumers of medications, you deserve to have the relevant information needed to make confident and informed decisions about your health. Unfortunately, in the realm of drug safety, there has been a lack of a comprehensive metric to assess the safety of medications - until now. The APOD score changes the landscape of drug safety evaluation. The APOD score can be viewed as the drug safety equivalent of widely recognized indicators, including Body Mass Index (BMI), credit scoring systems like FICO, and even the stock market index (S&P 500).

Empowered with the APOD score, you become an active participant in your healthcare decisions. No longer left in the dark, you can ask your healthcare provider about the APOD score of prescribed medications.

Advancing Drug Discovery - Together

APODvision's pioneering approach unifies all drug properties, enabling unprecedented insights into drug design and safety evaluation. Our commitment to driving advancements in the field of drug discovery pushes us to constantly improve and expand our offerings. Together, we can achieve safer, more effective drug delivery and transform the lives of millions worldwide.

Join us on this transformative journey at APODvision, and let's shape the future of drug safety together.

Who We Are - APODvision's Mission

At APODvision, we are a passionate team of researchers, scientists, and visionaries dedicated to redefining drug safety evaluation. Our mission is to revolutionize drug discovery by providing pharmaceutical companies and researchers with an advanced screening tool - the APOD method.

Our Vision - Safer Drug Delivery

Our vision is a world where every drug reaches its intended target with pinpoint precision. Just like you expect your package to arrive safely and intact, we strive to ensure that drugs are delivered safely to their specific disease targets, maximizing their potential benefits and minimizing risks.

What Drives Us - The Patient

At the heart of our endeavor lies the patient - their safety, well-being, and hope for a better tomorrow. We believe that by advancing drug safety, we can improve patient outcomes and contribute to healthier, happier communities worldwide.

Our Commitment - Advancing Science

Science is the bedrock of innovation, and we are committed to pushing the boundaries of drug discovery. Through our APOD method, we integrate chemical, biological, and pharmacokinetic insights into a single, powerful fingerprint, empowering researchers to make informed decisions in their pursuit of safer, more effective therapeutics.

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